A story, stand alone or series, written in one hour based on a prompt. An exercise in having fun being inspired by someone else's idea, thinking in scenes, not always fleshed out or continued.

Check out Making the Case for Those Left Behind to find out how some of the one part stories that didn't win might be continued on. This feature will be exclusive to this site.

Advice For the Lovelorn - Elizabeth is a single mother new to Port Charles. Her friend Spinelli decides to set up his two best friends...and the fun ensues from there.
Breakthroughs - Elizabeth's having a bit of a problem with her research, and Jason steps in to watch over things.
Curses - A different twist on HateSex and Jason getting shot and how Elizabeth helped him heal.
Devil's Advocate - Jason and Sonny need a lawyer in a pinch, and Benny convinced his niece to take the job.
Devils and Angels - Jason extracts revenge on people in Port Charles and becomes Elizabeth's guardian angel.
His Final Deal - Begins December 2008. Edward Quartermaine is determined to fix things with his family before he dies; particularly reuniting his grandson Jason with his son Jake.
Finding Their Way - Elizabeth leaves town after Jason does in 2001, not to find him, but to find herself.
Floating - When Elizabeth is pulled from the harbor, the trouble is just beginning for Port Charles and its inhabitants. Set during the Luis Alcazar time period.
Foolish Hearts - Regency England Alternate Universe. While rushing to Gretna Green to prevent their siblings from a scandalous elopment, Jason and Elizabeth find themselves in a situation neither ever expected.
In The Family - Jason enters into a mob marriage of convenience...the perfect recipe for disaster unless others can avert it.
Lessons From A Child - Jason and Sonny learn a humbling lesson at Christmas.
New Recruit - Agents Webber and Morgan and the WSB...they get along like oil and water
Paradise Waiting - Michael Corinthos is kidnapped...and finds himself with an interesting cellmate.
Sanctuary - Elizabeth is a good witch, battling against Evil for humanity and Jason
Strictly Business - Liason does The Wedding Planner...with a twist.
Tangled Retribution - Set Fall 2010. My take on Elizabeth visiting Sarah in California, and the mysterious reason why she hasn't returned to Port Charles.
The Truth Hurts - Elizabeth is a nurse on Sonny's private island...and gets Jason as her patient.
Through the Looking Glass - Goes back to when Elizabeth was blinded in the hit and run...and then changes things all around.
Unexpected Surprises - Alternate Universe: Jason returns Port Charles to tell his best friend he's in love with her, only to find Elizabeth preparing for her wedding to another man who may not be what he seems.
Winter Wonderland - Nurse Elizabeth Webber takes on a special care assignment from her brother, the Chief of Staff.
One Part Flash Fics - Stories that are not in a series...for now.
One Part Flash Fics - There were so many, I started a new file. Make sure to check out all of them.
One Part Flash Fics - And another one...

Exclusive Flash Fic Stories to A Perfect Fit

A Little TLC - Elizabeth is pregnant with Jason's baby and the town knows it. But Jason is still with Sam...for now.
Pack Up And Go - When she's ready to leave town after Sonny's return from the dead, Jason asks Elizabeth to go to Florida instead so they can fix their relationship. Will Elizabeth agree?
Parting Gift - Ric's dead and Sonny's left cleaning up when Jason protects Elizabeth, Cameron and the new baby at any cost.
The first story written from the Plea to Continue requests.
The Assignment - Alternate History story. Elizabeth angers Jason and Sonny when she sneaks into one of their properties to complete an art assignment for her professor, Alexis Davis. But things aren't always what they seem.
The Good Doctor - Alternate History story. Jason Quartermaine, M.D. becomes Jason Morgan, P.I. and discovers there's much he didn't know about his former self.

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