The Anthology Series

An Alternate Reality Series.
A collection of stories, inspired by some angsty songs, that had been tickling my muse.

Learning To Live Again
Jason is trying to rebuild his life, and meets a sympathetic soul.
The Woman Before Me
Jason and Elizabeth's friendship grows, but there are demons from the past to overcome.
Loving You Against My Will
The road to honesty isn't always easy.
The Fool
Demons from the past return, and Elizabeth makes a decision.
I Remember
Jason reacts to Elizabeth leaving.
It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
Elizabeth tries to adjust to life in St. Louis, and an unexepected visitor.
Lover, You Should've Come Over
Jason waits for Elizabeth to make a decision.
Whiskey, If You Were A Woman
Jason and Elizabeth return to Port Chalres, but they have another battle to face.
That's Why I'm Here
Jason returns, but will Elizabeth still be there?
It Was
After Elizabeth has the baby, can Jason fit into their family?

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