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Thank you all for reading my stories, past and present. Currently, I'm tired of writing to fix General Hospital and have nothing new planned. But maybe given a little time, the desire to write will return and I'll have a new offering to share. I encourage you to subscribe to my update list so you'll know if I start posting something new.

If you're looking for a story but can't find in the alphabetical list below, check through all the other offerings, particularly the FlashFic section. There are many stories in there - too many to put on the main page.

If you find a broken link or missing section, please drop me a line to let me know so I can correct those.

Stand Alone Stories

A Distinguished Gentleman
An Alternate Universe story of an entreprenuer and a pregnant waitress...and the bond they form.
Fragile Alliances
When Elizabeth discovers she's pregnant, an unlikely friendship forms. But can a broken friendship manage to be repaired?
Set after Elizabeth faked her death. What if she stayed dead? How would Jason react to hearing that news? And what happens when he finds her?
Gone, Never To Return
A choice no one should have to make. Jason can choose to save the life of only one person he loves.
Elizabeth and Jason meet for the first time at Jake's...with a twist.
If You're Reading This
Elizabeth finally stops fighting for Jason and instead believes him when he says there is no future for them. However, she doesn't get the happily ever after he'd hoped for her.
The Last One Left
On their travels, Jason and Elizabeth are forced into dubious lodging.
Let's Set Sail
Warm sand, tropical seas...Jason and Elizabeth meet in an alternate universe story.
The Maximus Effect
What if Elizabeth had met Maximus Giambetti when he visited October 2008?
Alternate Universe story of the Corinthos siblings, the special attributes they possess and how it affects their interaction with the people around them.
Refiner's Fire
Begins March/April 2009. Alternate History... Someone is purging Port Charles' citizens, but who?
Say Hello To My Little Friend
Spinelli makes a tribute to Jason. Written with Raye.
When Elizabeth is accused of murdering Ric, how will those around her react to the news, and will they ever learn what exactly happened that night?
Suicide Blonde
Set after Elizabeth walked out of the penthouse, can she and Jason rebuild their relationship in the midst of business and murder?
The Sweetest Gift
Cameron's kidnapped. Will Elizabeth find him, and what will happen if she does?
What Really Matters
Response to Father's Day Challenge 2010: AR of Jason discovering what really is important when it comes to family.
Worlds On Fire
Ensemble Piece beginning July 2004. My take on the lives of Port Charles' citizens as they react to a different series of events.

Stories in Series

The Anthology Series
Alternate Reality Series of Jason and Elizabeth's first encounter, and the life they build from there.
The Gossip Series
Alternate History in 2008 starting with Elizabeth actually knowing about Claudia's courtroom confession about Jason and spiraling from there.
Life With Lizzie Series
Lizzie's come out to play in an Alternate Universe series
Love And Loss Series
Dealing with the realization of love too late, and trying to move on with life.
The Plan Series
When Elizabeth and Jason make plans, everybody better stand back...
Timing And Choices Series
Set in 2008. An Alternate History dealing with the post-engagement breakup.
The Song Series
When Jason and Courtney end, will someone stand in his way of reuniting with Elizabeth?

Other Offerings For Your Enjoyment

Short fic challenge, 100 words or less. Take a look.
Flash Fics
Stories written in one hour. Some series and stand alones.
Stories written in the vein of Flash Fics. Liason around the world - from RTN's SpoilerFree thread Sept. '09.
The Song Behind The Story
A look at the songs that inspired the stories
Link Back Buttons to A Perfect Fit, as well as links to other sites around the net from authors that I enjoy and highly recommend.

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